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Primary Nourishment

by Meaghan Foley, Fitness Instructor at Brier Creek Country Club

When we think of the word “nourishment” we tend to associate it immediately with food. I’m challenging you to think about the things you do to fill your soul as primary nourishment as well. Think of things that energize you as a being, not just a body. These are the things you are intrinsically motivated to do. No one must convince you to enjoy them, and they don’t require a prize or external validation. Some examples include, walking or running in nature, engaging in an artistic project, or playing chess. I’m not talking just about leisurely activities to de-stress, although that is certainly a benefit. I’m talking about activities that you are driven to do because without them you would be left wanting. It’s a state shift from a place of lacking, to a place of abundance.

The very act of engaging in these things is what nourishes you. When you are engaged in these things you may notice you don’t feel hungry. You might notice time fades away. You might notice you feel energized during and after. You might notice you feel at peace, centered or calm. Doing these things will leave you feeling as satisfied as eating and drinking makes you feel. But more than just providing fuel in the moment, these things lift you up, sustain you, and provide a bottomless well of energy that you can call upon whenever you need it.

Unfortunately, as important as these activities are to well-being, you are probably not making time to do them. After all, you have those important to-do lists to work through. So, you put them off, and/or remove them from your routines because they may not be practical, or income producing, or achievement oriented. But the value of these activities is undeniable. Make these activities a priority, and your mind, body and family will thank you for it!

Challenge Yourself

Today when you create your to-do list write in one primary nourishment activity. Place it close to the top of the list, give it a start and stop time, and then complete it.

Notice how you feel just by planning this activity. Notice how you feel after you’ve completed it.

Now, every time you write a to-do list include a primary nourishment activity.


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