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General Health & Wellness

What’s Trending?

Are you among the millions of people who use the new year as a reason to turn over a new leaf? Did you accomplish your goal of 2016?  Many people tie their resolutions into fitness and wellness.  And millions… read more.

Aging Process
Longevity & Vitality

The Aging Process

If you’re a typical American, by age 30 you’ve already lost six and a half pounds of lean body mass since your prime, which occurred roughly 10 years ago. Lean body mass is composed of muscle, bone and vital… read more.

Primal Movement
Strength/Weight Training

Primal Movement

Fitness enthusiasts are always looking for the newest and best methods for training the human body. Some find success following a bodybuilder’s guide to lifting, others swear by high intensity training and some prefer a mind/body approach with Yoga… read more.

Clean Eating

Clean Eating

Here are 3 Simple steps to start eating “clean” and 2 recipes to help get you started! “Clean eating” has been getting a lot of attention lately in blogs, Pinterest, and with fitness trainers.  Although new to mainstream America,… read more.

Beautiful instructor explaining how to use a foam roller

Roll It Out!

Many people do not understand how incorporating foam rolling into your workout routine may speed up your progress and eliminate setbacks. Some of the benefits of foam rolling include decreasing muscle spasms, increasing circulation, reducing scar tissue, releasing endorphins… read more.